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St. Louis Fence Staining & Painting

St. Louis Fence Staining & Painting

Beautifully Stained or Painted Fencing

We are a jack-of-all-trades at Gateway Custom Painting. If you’re looking for any type of painting services then do yourself a favor by making us your top pick. If it is fence staining that you need then allow us to take care of it for you. Just like our residential and commercial painting services, you are sure to receive the quality of service that you want and deserve.

When you have a fence that is dull and weathered looking, you could leave it and do nothing, or you could give us a call and let us apply a beautiful stain to it. When we have stained your fence, it will give your home the curb appeal that it deserves. If you want an affordable way to spruce up the appearance of your home then a stain is sure to do the job. We have experts here to handle it for you.

Fence Painting in St. Louis, Missouri
Professional Fence Staining & Painting

Fence Maintenance

After having your fence installed you may never give it a second thought. However, over time your fence will become dated and may need to be updated. You may notice it starting to peel or to chip. What happens to the appearance of your fence will depend on the type of coating that has been applied to it and how it was applied.

Regardless of which of these things happens, the fence will not look as good as it did when it was first installed. Instead of running out to buy a new fence, why not just give us a call and allow us to apply a beautiful new stain to it. There are a variety of stains that we have to offer to you. Just let us know which appeals to you and we’ll get to work on it right away.

Reliable Fence Staining Services

Our experienced painters use various stain colors because we think that it is important that our customers have options. We realize that everyone will have different taste preferences. We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach for staining your fence. We offer semi-transparent stains that will effectively highlight the natural wood grains in your fence.

This type of stain has deep penetrating properties. We will also apply a clear coat that will also help to enhance the appearance of the fence. A solid stain could also be used to totally change the appearance of your fence. Once the stain has been applied, you may not even recognize it. We’ll offer you all the stains that are available to compliment your home and let you make the final decision, after all, it is your fence and we want you to like whatever stain that is used.

Professional St. Louis Fence Staining Service

It is clear that we must be doing something right, which is why we are the preferred and most widely used painting company in the city. You are sure to get what you pay for and more by relying on us for your staining needs. There are plenty of painting services in the area but not all of them offer staining services too. We offer both and do a fantastic job at both.

Our painting professionals have received years of training and they have the experience needed to effectively and thoroughly stain your fence. Get what you are paying for by allowing us to apply the stain to your fence and improve its appearance instantly. Why waste your money buying a new fence when it isn’t necessary. We’ll save you some money to do other things that you need to do. Get a free quote today.

Why Hire Gateway Custom Painting?

If you are ‘on the fence’ about having us paint or stain your fence, perhaps you should see what your options are. Give us a call and we are happy to show you the various options available to you. Our experts will thoroughly evaluate the job so that they can provide you with a fair quote for the work that has to be done. We’ll offer you a stain that is within your budget so that you don’t have to break-the-bank to get the work done.

You are assured of receiving the most affordable pricing when you rely on us for your fence staining needs at Gateway Custom Painting. Just let us know which stain you would like to have and we’ll provide it to you. We stand by our work and offer you our service guarantee. You can hire us knowing that your money will be well spent.

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