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The interior of your home is not always seen by everyone but anyone passing your home or business can see its exterior. This is why need prooven exterior painting experts. We have earned our reputation by consistently providing our customers with quality services at affordable prices. You can always rely on us to produce a thorough job regardless of the extent of your service needs. Since we have earned our reputation as being the best in the area then you should be confident in hiring us for your exterior painting needs.

We have made it our aim to only hire the most qualified painting professionals to work with our customers. If you want the best then you have come to the right place because there is no one better than we are. While we don’t like to toot our own horn, this is merely something that our customers have told us and that we are relating. We certainly believe that with the level of talent on our team that we are the best at what we do and we would love the chance to show you.

Exterior Painting in St. Louis, Missouri
High-Quality Exterior Painting Services

Affordable St. Louis Exterior Painting

When someone is having home renovations or remodeling work performed they may choose to have some painting done. When you are seeking the painting services of a local painting professional then we hope you will call on Gateway Custom Painting.

We know just how a good paint job can improve the appearance of any area where it is applied. A fresh coat of paint is also an affordable way to improve the appearance of any space. If you’re interested in affordable painting services then give us a call and let us show you what we have to offer to you.

Exterior House Painting Process

Homeowners who are thinking of having their home painted may be interested in our process for painting the exterior of their home. Here is our process:

  • Receive a free estimate and offer – If you’re interested in having the exterior of your home painted then you’ll need to receive a price estimate. This is the first thing that we will do. Every job is different so we are unable to give you a price quote on the phone.
  • Prepare the area – One of the things that are just as important as painting is how we prepare the area before painting. Preparing before painting may require wiping the surface down, cleaning up any dirt, mildew, or mildew. It may even be necessary to scrape off loose paint and sand it. Our painters fill in gaps that they can create a smooth surface for painting.
  • Painting & Cleanup – The time has arrived for us to begin the painting process. When the area has been completely prepped, we will then begin the process of painting your exterior. Our painters pay close attention to the details of every job and are meticulous about their work. Once the painting is completed, we assume responsibility for cleaning up.
  • Inspection – The final step in our process is an inspection of the work that has been done.

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Gateway Custom Painting to Paint Your Home

Gateway Custom Painting is one of the fastest growing painting contractors in the St. Louis area. One of our favorite services to provide is Exterior painting. We know how to get our customers results that they will love and stay happy with for years to come. If you are wondering why you should hire an experienced professional for your exterior home painting, check out our 10 reasons why you should choose us for the job!

  • Our Services
    Our Exterior House Painting Service is  Flexible Service To ensure you are getting the best outcome for your exterior painting. It is vital that you hire painting professionals that are not only a licensed painting contractors, but also insure their services. This helps ensure that you receive the professional service that you are looking for. Gateway Custom Painting is here to provide you with professional and lasting results for your exterior home painting needs.

  • Our Quality
    Ease of Repairs: We are not afraid of a little dust or a few scratches here and there. We are qualified, trained and work with high end equipment that can handle anything the weather can throw at us. Our paint protection coatings make your homes ready for many years of full indoor and outdoor use without leaving behind any unsightly damage to your walls, mold, or corrosion that can cause termites. * Great Value: We don’t want to rip off your money because you thought we charged too much. Instead, we want to give you a great deal because you deserve it! We have numerous options that can fit almost any budget. We will paint your exterior in no time at all. We can start in the morning and get the job finished by the end of the day, or even just in time for dinner with the family.

  • Our Pricing
    Determine your budget and how much you can spend on the job. We will work closely with you to make sure that you find a price that fits your needs. We offer free estimates to make sure that you can feel confident in your choice. Our rates are the best we can offer for many reasons. Some of these reasons are listed below. Proven Method The painting contractors we use have already proven themselves as true experts in the business. This helps you know they are not just putting on a show to impress you. We offer a 100% guarantee on every job we do. Professional Painters As a professional house painting contractor, we only use high quality products. That means that we use high-quality paint that goes a long way. We have painting products that offer many benefits.

  • Our Equipment
    First things first, every home has its own set of paint equipment, it could be a skid steer, bobcat, a brush truck, a specialty painter’s truck or any combination of the above. To best use these products and services, they have to be thoroughly cleaned, so that the maximum amount of paint or primer or both can be used to paint. If you have been buying your paint supplies at your local hardware store, then you should have no problem just using your regular tools to clean them, but if you are planning on buying the equipment that you use to clean your paint supplies at home, then you might be interested in getting professional-grade cleaning tools. Lighting As you probably know, you don’t need a flashlight, or even a regular flashlight to paint.

  • Experience and Professionalism
    Everyone loves a good conversation, and they love talking to people who they know have it together. From the moment a potential customer gives us a call, we want to impress them with our professionalism and solid customer service experience. Our dedicated team of professionals is fully certified and insured. Our workmanship is guaranteed. If we make a mistake, we will fix it right away. Our experience and commitment to creating a perfect finish on every exterior painting job, makes us the one company you should choose for your next exterior painting project. Our team of painting professionals are trained to paint houses the right way.

  • Cleanliness
    We want our customer’s to have a great experience and work with a company that keeps the house as clean as possible. It’s much easier to paint when you know there aren’t any paint brushes, rollers or mops in the way. With our knowledge, we paint in a way that won’t harm your home and your investment. We are extremely picky when it comes to who we choose to paint your house. We know how important the satisfaction of a customer is and we only work with painters that we feel have the same customer service philosophy.

  • How We Paint Your Home
    Our main goal is to paint your home with quality craftsmanship, but the work is not finished there. With our thorough experience, we can ensure the best finish for your home. We thoroughly plan the painting process to insure that the work you will see is one of the best in the area. Whether you are looking for exterior or interior painting, we can handle it. We offer the best full service painting in St. Louis for your home or business. Where We Start Whether you are interested in a small, medium or large-scale project, we have options to fit your budget. Whether you are looking for exterior or interior, we will paint your entire home.

  • Our Painters
    Gateway Custom Painting is local to the St. Louis area. We are licensed, insured, and able to provide you with a licensed and insured painter. All of our painters have a minimum of 5 years of professional painting experience. All of our painters are trained in non-toxic painting and use the best cleaning products. Do our painters have a clean record? Absolutely! All of our painters are background checked to guarantee your home is in safe hands.

  • Our Preparation
    We start preparing your home for painting as soon as you sign up for our service. We’ll move the furniture, have workers move all the rubbish, paint the house, prepare it for paint, and install the drip edge on the front porch and the sidewalk. Your exterior painting will start out better than you could have imagined! The size of the project will also dictate the cost of the project.

  • Our Care
    If you are one of those homeowners who have always dreamed about having professional exterior house painting contractors to come out and paint your home, but have always been afraid that the job may not be done to the satisfaction of you, then our painted exteriors contractor will come out and spray paint your house for you and give you a perfect, durable finish every time. It’s simple, you just give us a call and we will be more than happy to give you a quote for the job, and by the time our team finishes the painting job for you, you will be so satisfied with the result that you will never ever want to leave the house, unless you want to continue doing other things!

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